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Customer in Haywards HeathCustomer in Hove Customer in Haywards Heath
It was done professionally and all the men were very polite. I even had 2 trees in large pots moved, To get them into our new garden they had to move them down a corridor and through our house with only a minimal damage. Well done
Customer in Haywards Heath
6 June 2017
Very efficiently carried out. No items damaged or broken. All boxes marked to help identify contents. Very friendly and courteous. Good, professional service.
Customer in Hove
23 June 2017
After falling victim to a rogue company, Sussex Removals were fantastic. Although they couldn't fit me in the same day due to employee's hours, they fit me in 8 am the next day. Very speedy, on time, extremely polite, and even started to rebuild our bed at the other end! Special mention to Joe who was absolutely fantastic throughout the move.
Customer in Haywards Heath
27 May 2017

Brighton removals made easy…

The process of shifting home can often be a tough choice. You are moving to a new home, or maybe you bought your own home. It is important to pack and arrange your belongings; Tailored Company offers packing, loading, unpacking, unloading and organizing items to be relocated. It is essential not to lose your valuables or misplace them due to the hassle. It is never too early to book, choosing the right removal company can reduce the stress associated with moving. Brighton is one of the popular areas Tailored Removal Company does removals. We are the number one company in the South East.

How to Book Tailored Removal Company

Booking ahead and informing your mover 2-3 weeks before time is recommended. Our staff is goal-oriented, trustworthy with excellent customer services. If you do not have enough time or moving quicker than you expect with our flexible resources, we can assist in short notice move. You can contact us for more information on our quotes and proper advice concerning our moving house service offered in Brighton. You can book by calling the number on our website or sending us an email. You can alternatively visit us any day because our offices are open throughout the week.

Moving should be hassle and stress-free for our clients. We are the only Brighton Removal company that provides services that will reduce your tension and create the best moving experience. We invest heavily in our staff and offer excellent customer service. We relocate safely, securely and cost effectively. Our team carries the tools and knowledge to disassemble and reassemble your goods seamlessly with your move.

Tips for Moving House

At Tailored Removals, we provide advice and guidance on how to pack your property when moving from one place to another efficiently. Whether you move from a business office, a studio house or a museum, you need the services of professionals to make the whole process stress-free and satisfying. Pack your property beginning from the top rooms top to the lower ones. We also assist in labelling the boxes and packing your property. It’s advisable to have plenty of packing material such as packing paper, tape, and boxes beforehand. We deliver personalized services to meet the needs of every person, family home, and commercial business. Moving is hard and difficult to know where you should begin but we provide a team of professionals to make the whole process easy and satisfying.

We offer packing solutions to minimize damage and overload. Packing is not an easy task, and there are different elements to consider, for example, weight, space, and availability. Using small boxes for books and packing heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top aids in lifting. We offer quick tutorials on how to wrap in case you want to pack yourself. Keeping all boxes for each room together will save time unpacking. It is necessary to pack your important documents and keep them in a safe place. We offer full packing services and arrange your property in a friendly way that meets your requirement. Apart from helping you move, we provide flexible storage options with affordable prices. We offer to shift you securely and cost effectively. Safeguarding your property is our priority.