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Customer in Haywards HeathCustomer in Hove Customer in Haywards Heath
It was done professionally and all the men were very polite. I even had 2 trees in large pots moved, To get them into our new garden they had to move them down a corridor and through our house with only a minimal damage. Well done
Customer in Haywards Heath
6 June 2017
Very efficiently carried out. No items damaged or broken. All boxes marked to help identify contents. Very friendly and courteous. Good, professional service.
Customer in Hove
23 June 2017
After falling victim to a rogue company, Sussex Removals were fantastic. Although they couldn't fit me in the same day due to employee's hours, they fit me in 8 am the next day. Very speedy, on time, extremely polite, and even started to rebuild our bed at the other end! Special mention to Joe who was absolutely fantastic throughout the move.
Customer in Haywards Heath
27 May 2017

Buckfield removals made easy…

Are you looking for the most reliable and professional removal services in the south east of England? It does not matter if it is international or local removals; experts from Buckfield Removals serve clients from the south east regions of England. Clients do not have to worry about dealing with unprofessional handlers or receiving damaged goods in their new homes.

How to Book Tailored Removal Company

It is advisable to contact us 3 to 4 weeks earlier to arrange all move details. It will give you plenty of time to organise pre-move survey and knowing accurate quotation. All payments are done after you’re comfortable with our charges, terms and conditions. This is done a week before moving.

Call us today… You should call as soon as you have your moving date settled to make sure you reserve one of our removal team in the Buckfield area. Usually, at least a month before is best, but we will do our best for you even if it’s only a few days notice. Our staff will take all the information, provide a quote and book your removal team.

Tips for Moving House

Experts at Buckfield Removals share important packing and moving tips to the desired clients Moving houses should not be a hassle; neither does a person have to lose or damage their belonging in the process. Also, the moving process should be affordable. They include:  

  • Involve the professionals

Most people will argue that doing the packing and moving on their own will save them money. After all, all you need is to hire a van and get a few friends to help. Well, wait till your valuable China drops and breaks!

Hiring Buckfield Removals saves time, money, and heartbreaks. The professional movers have the right tools and skills to handle even the most delicate belongings. Get your belongings safely to the new destination with minimal damage or none at all.  

  • Pack early enough

After confirming the moving date, start packing as soon as possible. Begin with items or rooms rarely used such as the garage or spare bedroom. Label the boxes properly to avoid confusion or mix-ups. As the D-day approaches, you will have reduced the workload. Get the right packaging materials for maximum safety of the goods.  

  • Decluttering

There are hassles that come with moving, and decluttering is one of them. The rule of the thumb is not packing whatever you do not need. Packing offers the perfect excuse to declutter and get rid of items you have not used in a long time. The experts from Buckfield Removals will be glad they do not have to drag that old and broken computer to the new home.  

  • Have a survivor box

Moving is hectic. Unpacking is another great hassle. Keep a box of essentials on the side. Include basic items such as sugar, coffee, box cutters, paper towels, toilet paper, and other essentials. Trust us; it is a life saver.  

  • Have an inventory

Creating an inventory appears like a preserve of the super-organized people. Having an inventory keeps you on top of things. It is easy to identify what is missing from the belongings.