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Customer in Haywards HeathCustomer in Hove Customer in Haywards Heath
It was done professionally and all the men were very polite. I even had 2 trees in large pots moved, To get them into our new garden they had to move them down a corridor and through our house with only a minimal damage. Well done
Customer in Haywards Heath
6 June 2017
Very efficiently carried out. No items damaged or broken. All boxes marked to help identify contents. Very friendly and courteous. Good, professional service.
Customer in Hove
23 June 2017
After falling victim to a rogue company, Sussex Removals were fantastic. Although they couldn't fit me in the same day due to employee's hours, they fit me in 8 am the next day. Very speedy, on time, extremely polite, and even started to rebuild our bed at the other end! Special mention to Joe who was absolutely fantastic throughout the move.
Customer in Haywards Heath
27 May 2017

Hosham removals made easy…

If you are preparing to move from the city of Horsham, then you might have heard about the top Horsham Removal service in the south east of England, Tailored Removal. If not, then read on to find out why more people turn to Tailored Removal to help them with the stressful and often overwhelming task of moving as well as some tips that can save you both time and hassle!

Moving is usually something that requires some planning but there might be times when you need to move in a hurry or the move is unexpected. Instead of worrying about how you can get it done, call Tailored Removals for assistance! Whether you are moving in one day, one week or one month, our service can provide exactly what you need to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely so that you can rest assured that your move from or to Horsham will be smooth and worry-free!

Another stressful aspect of moving is staying organized while getting everything boxed and packaged properly. At Tailored Removals we make Horsham Removals easy for you by offering a team of helpful and professional movers who provide all packing materials (including boxes, packing paper and tape) at no extra charge. Our team takes care of packing and clearly marking your boxes so there is no need to wonder where particular items are!

If you are concerned about how to make sure your furniture is disassembled and removed from the property with no damage and without extreme difficulty, Tailored Removals can help! Our service is designed to reduce the stress of moving and our team handles your property with care and expert handling. You can rest assured that you and your furniture are in good hands because we will carefully disassemble your pieces and transport them to the new location. We’ll even reassemble everything once we get it to your new residence.

How to Book Tailored Removal Company

It is advisable to contact us 3 to 4 weeks earlier to arrange all move details. It will give you plenty of time to organise pre-move survey and knowing accurate quotation. All payments are done after you’re comfortable with our charges, terms and conditions. This is done a week before moving.

Call us today.. You should call as soon as you have your moving date settled to make sure you reserve one of our removal team in the Angmering area. Usually, at least a month before is best, but we will do our best for you even if it’s only a few days notice. Our staff will take all the information, provide a quote and book your removal team.

Tips for Moving House

Moving to a new house is exciting, whether staying in beautiful angmering or moving to a new country. New memories to make, new people, to meet, and new opportunities await. However, it can be stressful as well. From starting to pack up your possessions to unpacking them in your new home, making sure everything is organized properly, deciding what to keep and what to leave is hard.

To help start you off on the right foot our staff here at angmering removals service; Tailored Removals have a few tips to share with you.

  1. Start packing as soon as you make the decision to move. You have more than you think. This will also allow you to get rid of some things that you no longer need before you take them to the new house.
  2. Make sure you have a lot of boxes. Try to avoid putting anything in garbage bags as they can be accidentally thrown out.
  3. Invest in a thick black marker or coloured stickers. These may be your best friends in the new home when you’re ready for that cuppa.
  4. Use sandwich bags to keep any screws or small parts from items that had to be dismantled for the move.
  5. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like books and dishes and larger boxes for pillows and linens.You need to make sure the box can be lifted without too much trouble.
  6. Pack the heavier items on the bottom, lightest on the top.
  7. Take pictures of how your electronics are plugged in. This will save a lot of frustration at your new home when trying to catch that football game or favourite show.
  8. Put your dishes in boxes the same way you would store vinyl records, vertical. This is the safest way to transport them to prevent breakage.
  9. You can fill the nail holes in with a bar of soap. Match the colour of the soap to the wall, rub in a circular motion until the hole is filled in, wipe off the soapy residue around the area, and done.