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Customer in Haywards HeathCustomer in Hove Customer in Haywards Heath
It was done professionally and all the men were very polite. I even had 2 trees in large pots moved, To get them into our new garden they had to move them down a corridor and through our house with only a minimal damage. Well done
Customer in Haywards Heath
6 June 2017
Very efficiently carried out. No items damaged or broken. All boxes marked to help identify contents. Very friendly and courteous. Good, professional service.
Customer in Hove
23 June 2017
After falling victim to a rogue company, Sussex Removals were fantastic. Although they couldn't fit me in the same day due to employee's hours, they fit me in 8 am the next day. Very speedy, on time, extremely polite, and even started to rebuild our bed at the other end! Special mention to Joe who was absolutely fantastic throughout the move.
Customer in Haywards Heath
27 May 2017

Ringmer removals made easy…

Relocating to another house can be one of the most stressful activities in life especially when you have a lot of stuff to move and don’t even have a clue how to do it. Here at Ringmer and removal services we carry the burden and make sure that you have an amazing relocation. We want to make sure that your transition to a new home is not only easy and stress-free but also that no losses are incurred during the process. Here are some easy moving tips to follow:

How to Book Tailored Removal Company

It is advisable to contact us 3 to 4 weeks earlier to arrange all move details. It will give you plenty of time to organise pre-move survey and knowing accurate quotation. All payments are done after you’re comfortable with our charges, terms and conditions. This is done a week before moving.

Call us today.. You should call as soon as you have your moving date settled to make sure you reserve one of our removal team in the Ringmer area. Usually, at least a month before is best, but we will do our best for you even if it’s only a few days notice. Our staff will take all the information, provide a quote and book your removal team.

Tips for Moving House

Tip 1: Bring in a good reputable conveyancing company.

A great company will help in making sure that all legal aspects are considered in the property transaction. It also helps you have a professional moving schedule and plan to avoid any delays or inconveniences. Apart from having the license from Solicitors Regulation Authority to advise on property law Ringmer and removal services have the knowledge on this so you can be confident and assured that we are going to give you the best services.

Tip 2: Have a budget.

Having a budget not only enables you to compare various services but also ensures you get to maximise on the services at the minimum cost possible. Thus it is very vital to ensure that you include all the cost in the expenditure to avoid unexpected costs. You can use the moving cost calculator to estimate the budget and get a quality affordable moving service.

Tip 3: Create a document box.

Ensuring that the most important documents such as wills, passports, insurance papers and passports are safe and not misplaced should be a top priority. Place them in a box or somewhere you are sure that they are secure and you can easily access them. You may scan and save them on your computer to have electronic copies of these important papers.

Tip 4: Use a moving checklist.

Being organised helps to avoid confusion during this busy time, write a detailed list on what you need to consider and do and at what time you will need to do it. We will help you design that helpful check list to ensure that you have a smooth and great settled into your new environment.

Tip 5: Load your moving day survival kit.

A moving day survival kit contains essential items such as snacks, drinks, toiletries, water bottles and phone chargers to ensure that you have energy and basic necessity necessary for the smooth moving day. If you have a baby make sure diapers and food stuff for her/ him are packed in the kit as well.

Tip 6: Give yourself enough time.

Taking your time to organise the schedule and ensuring that enough time is allocated to each step in the task list is key. Ensure that you have the necessary materials needed for the activity. Start the process as early as possible to allow time for unseen activity and also to avoid fixing too many activities in short time duration. You may also need enough time to label the items in each box so as to make unpacking easier or you can have an inventory list for each box and label them appropriately. Most importantly avoid the last minute rush.

Tip 7: Be Flexible.

With many activities and parties involved in shifting you to the new place, obstacles may be there hence you need to be flexible if the unexpected happens. You need to have a back up on the planned activities and also a list of task you need to do. Starting early enables you to easily change plans and activities especially when something gets postponed.

Tip 8: Visit your new area.

Ensure you have a clue of your new environment. Having a pre-visit walk around the neighbourhood of the place you are moving to will be vital in order to familiarise yourself. It also enables you to have a rough idea of where to buy necessities needed for the first days.

Tip 9: Get a professional removal company.

Getting the right company not only ensures that your goods and documents are in safe hands it also gives you confidence that they will be delivered to your new location safely. So you cannot afford to get it wrong on this. Make sure that the company is not only professional but also have knowledge and skills in carrying out the activity. You should organise a pre-visit with the company to the place you are moving to so as to ensure that they are well prepared for the activity. Ringmer and removal services will ensure that not only quality services are delivered but also you will be confident that skilled and efficient professionals are ready to take care of your moving needs.

Tip 10: Treat yourself.

It may be quite true that on a moving day you may lack time to relax and sometimes you may work even during lunch time. It is, however good to relax and ensure you don’t abandon your needs. Taking a good rest before and after the move day will ensure that you are ready for the moving day and also have enough energy during the exercise. After arrival into your new place, you should not unpack everything at a go. Only unpack the necessary items and give yourself time to relax, after all, you should have fun and enjoy your new environment. Take a glass of wine and enjoy time with family and friends.