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Customer in Haywards HeathCustomer in Hove Customer in Haywards Heath
It was done professionally and all the men were very polite. I even had 2 trees in large pots moved, To get them into our new garden they had to move them down a corridor and through our house with only a minimal damage. Well done
Customer in Haywards Heath
6 June 2017
Very efficiently carried out. No items damaged or broken. All boxes marked to help identify contents. Very friendly and courteous. Good, professional service.
Customer in Hove
23 June 2017
After falling victim to a rogue company, Sussex Removals were fantastic. Although they couldn't fit me in the same day due to employee's hours, they fit me in 8 am the next day. Very speedy, on time, extremely polite, and even started to rebuild our bed at the other end! Special mention to Joe who was absolutely fantastic throughout the move.
Customer in Haywards Heath
27 May 2017

Sevenoaks removals made easy…

While you do not expect to relocate from where you live, there comes a time when you have to do it. That is when you need the services of professionals in this area. Sevenoaks Removals seeks to make moving and packing organized without going crazy in the process for those who live in south east of England and its environs. Relocation is not a picnic; no one ever looks forward to it. How do you make the whole process easy and seamless? Below, we have decided to share with you some useful tips that come in handy during relocation.

How to Book Tailored Removal Company

It is never too early to start the search for your preferred moving company. How soon should you contact or book the services of a moving company in Sevenoaks?

The best time is 3-4 weeks before the moving time. Conduct a pre-move survey and get a free quotation. Avoid the last minute rush as the moving date approaches. If you are not sure of the date, give a provisional date. As a reliable provider in the industry, Sevenoaks Removals offers potential customers free quotes and professional advice on what needs to be done.

Tips for Moving House

Get plenty of supplies

You will need plenty of boxes ranging from the light boxes to big and heavy duty boxes. Buy the boxes or get some from the moving company. You need a strong plastic packing tape to seal the boxes. Other supplies you need include bubble wraps, stretch wraps for furniture, labels, and old newspapers.

The wardrobe boxes are versatile

The wardrobe boxes are tall, bulky, and lightweight. They are ideal for packing blankets, comforters, and clothes. You can use them to store bulky closet items such as jeans, sweaters, and belts.

Keeps things together

It is important to ensure you keep things that go together in the same package. For instance, keep the books together with the bookends or extension cords with their appliances. Store the small, loose, or detachable parts in an envelope. Mark the boxes and envelopes to minimize confusion.

Pack ahead

Packing ahead of time saves your time on the moving day. Start packing the items least used such as in the garage or attic room. Pack the extra cooking utensils and food supplies leaving only the bare essentials.

Protect your valuables

Always keep your valuables such as jewellery and silverware with you. Determine if your homeowner’s insurance covers you during the move. Do you need additional insurance from the Sevenoaks Removals Company? Have the paperwork ready, it may be receipts and photos, and it comes in handy when filing a claim.

Have the important papers with you

It may be the utility bills, birth and academic certificates, bank records, and any other thing you consider important. Do not leave them with the movers.

Label the boxes and keep a list

Keeping a list appears laborious, but it pays in the long run. Having a list helps you keep track in case an item is missing. Ensure all the boxes are marked to minimize confusion.

The heavy boxes go to the bottom

The heavy boxes should go underneath the lighter boxes. It prevents the light and delicate items from breaking. Books and furniture parts are classic examples of what should be loaded first.